Recommended Plans


ImabariEnjoy the Islands of the Seto Inland Sea! Feel the Sea Breeze on this Shimanami Area Tour


「Sunrise Itoyama」まで移動しました。
Sunrise Itoyama

Sunrise Itoyama


Rent a bicycle here and cycle the Shimanami Kaido!
You can drop the bicycle off at the rent-a-cycle terminal!
Contact: 0898-41-3196
Business hours: 8:00-20:00
Holidays: Open Daily

Access: 2-8-1 Sunaba-cho, Imabari-shi


Roadside Station Tatara Shimanami Park」まで移動しました。


Enjoy the spectacular views from the Tatara Bridge.
Business hours: 9:00-17:00
Holidays: Open Daily(May be closed on days during winter)

Access: 9180-2 Iguchi, Kamiura-cho, Imabari-shi


Fishing at Fishing Park Omishima」まで移動しました。

13:30 Fishing Park Omishima

Come empty-handed! A fun and safe experience for beginners, children, and women.
Contact: 0897-83-0136(Main Office)、0897-87-3900(Branch Office)

Access: 1507-1 Urado, Omishima-cho, Imabari-shi

「Dolphin Farm Shimanami」まで移動しました。

Dolphin Farm Shimanami


Let’s play with dolphins♪
Contact: 0897-72-8787
Business hours: 9:00-17:00
Holidays: Subject to good weather

Access: 1673 Kanoura, Hakata-cho, Imabari-shi


Farm Inn Portulaca West」まで移動しました。
Farm Inn Portulaca West
A farm inn that grows flowers and citrus fruits.
Taste the dishes made by qualified vegetable sommeliers!
Contact: 0897-72-1018

Access: 3064-1 Kiura-kou, Hakata-cho, Imabari-shi



[October-December] Mikan Orange-Picking 」まで移動しました。


Mikan-Picking Activity at Farm Inn Portulaca West.
Depending on the season, you may also be able to pick lemons!

Access: 3064-1 Kiura-kou, Hakata-cho, Imabari-shi

Appreciate Experience

「Murakami Pirate Museum」まで移動しました。

Murakami Pirate Museum


Take commemorative photos wearing pirate armor.
Business hours: 9:00-17:00
Holidays: Mondays and New Year holidays

Access: 1285 Miyakubo, Miyakubo-cho, Imabari-shi


「Seafood BBQ」まで移動しました。

Seafood BBQ

12:30 Noshima Suigun

With an advanced reservation, add a seafood BBQ to the Tidal Current tour.
Titdal Current Cruise」まで移動しました。

15:00 Noshima Suigun

Take an ocean cruise around Nohshima, a treasure trove of Murakami Pirate’s history! Experience becoming a pirate!
Contact: 0897-86-3323

Access: 1293-2 Miyakubo, Miyakubo-cho, Imabari-shi


Shimanami Green Tourism Promotion Council 0897-72-3343 http://shimanami.ciao.jp
Please contact each facility directly to make reservations for workshops and accommodations.