Recommended Plans


SeiyoTravel Course for Women to Learn About the History and Manufacturing of Seiyo City 



Roadside Station Donburi-kan」まで移動しました。


The handmade Italian gelato is a must-eat!
Business hours: 8:00-18:00
Holidays: New Year Holidays

Access: 118 Ino,Uwa-cho,Seiyo-shi


Pearl Workshop」まで移動しました。

10:00 Sato Shinju

Participate in any activities you choose, from making pearl accessories, visiting pearl processing facilities, and going on a fishing cruise. Learn about life on the sea in Akehama!
Contact: 0894-65-0080

Access: 2-207-2 karihama,Akehama-cho,Seiyo-shi

「Uwa Rice Museum」まで移動しました。

Uwa Rice Museum


A rice museum that was relocated to and preserved in the former Uwamachi Elementary School building.Attempt a floor-wiping race down the longest wooden school building corridor in Japan at 109 meters!
Business hours: 9:00-17:00
Holidays: Mondays and New Year Holidays

Access: 2-24 Uwac-ho, Uno-machi, Seiyo-shi

Experience at a guest house

Miso Ball Making Workshop」まで移動しました。

15:00 Farming Lodge Dandan-Batake

You will make “miso balls” out of ingredients such as handmade miso and natural soup stock. Simply pour hot water to make delicious miso soup.
Mikan-picking and a tour of the terraced fields of Karihama」まで移動しました。

15:00 Farmer’s Inn Dandan Darandan

From October to May, pick the Mikan (mandarin oranges) that can be harvested at the time. Plus, a guided tour of the terraced fields of Karihama.You can take the oranges home with you!


Minshuku Okuyama」まで移動しました。
Minshuku Okuyama
Contact: 0894-85-0140

Access: 1121 Noigawa,Shirokawa-cho,Seiyo-shi

Farming Lodge Dandan-Batake」まで移動しました。
Contact: 0894-75-0031

Access: 1174 Tojigano,Nomura-cho,Seiyo-shi

Contact: 090-2829-4360

Access: 325-2 Ino,Uwa-cho,Seiyo-shi

Farmer’s Inn Dandan Darandan」まで移動しました。
Farmer's Inn Dandan Darandan
Contact: Contact:0894-65-0260

Access: 3-134 Karihama,Akehama,Seiyo-shi



Coaster Making Workshop」まで移動しました。
Nomura Silk Museum

10:00 Seiyo City Nomura Silk Museum

You will use 100% silk thread made in Seiyo City.
Contact: 0894-72-3710

Access: 8-177-1 Nomura,Nomura-cho,Seiyo-shi


White Farm」まで移動しました。
White Farm


We recommend the cheese and desserts made in Nomura-cho, Seiyo City, known as a dairy-producing village!
Business hours: 9:00-17:00
Holidays: Every Thursday

Access: 16-383-1 Nomura,Nomura-cho,Seiyo-shi


Old-Fashioned Lifestyle Experience」まで移動しました。

12:00 Kyuu-Musashi

Experience cooking rice the old-fashioned way. From chopping wood to using a Kamado (traditional Japanese stove), you will even learn to clean up without using detergents.
Contact: 0894-62-6700(Uwa Sentetsu Memorial Museum)

Access: 3-229 Unomachi,Uwa-cho,Seiyo-shi


Seiyo City Geopark Promotion Office【TEL】0894-62-6403
※All activities require reservations.