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UwajimaA Course to Experience the Entire Uwajima Miura Peninsula


Shopping ・ Restaurant

Roadside Station Mima」まで移動しました。


Mima-cho is known as a rice-producing area, and the “Mima Rice” is very popular. At the Odaishi-an restaurant, they serve set meals that match well with the rice.
Business hours: Roadside Station Mima:9:00-18:00
Holidays: Open Daily
Restaurant: First Tuesday of the month

Access: 180-1 Muden,Mima-cho,Uwajima-shi


「Tour of Yusumizugaura Terraced Fields」まで移動しました。

Tour of Yusumizugaura Terraced Fields

The stone walls of the stepped fields that extend into the summit is a sight to see! Enjoy the views from the sea on a cruise!

13:00 Fisherman’s Inn Yuumin

Contact: 0895-28-0182

Access: 995-3 Hiraura,Uwajima-shi


13:00 Three Lines Co.,ltd.

Contact: 0895-62-0808

Access: 3127 Yusu,Uwajima-shi

「Pearl Workshop」まで移動しました。

Pearl Workshop

Make pearl accessories in Uwajima, an area famous for pearls♪

15:00 Yamashita Pearl

Contact: 050-3590-3299

Access: 1028 Hiraura,Uwajima-shi


15:00 Doi Pearl

Contact: 0895-29-0011

Access: 5121-9 Miuranishi,Uwajima-shi


15:00 Matsumoto Pearl

Contact: 0120-860-017

Access: 912-3 Sakuajiro,Warabi,Uwajima-shi


Fisherman’s Guesthouse Yuumin」まで移動しました。
We are proud of our pearl workshops and the seafood dishes we serve!
Contact: 0895-28-0182

Access: 995-3 Hiraura,Uwajima-shi

Farmer’s Guesthouse Nomin」まで移動しました。
Farmer's Guesthouse Nomin
Make stone oven pizza and interact with goats.
Contact: 0895-26-2929

Access: 90-13 Daichojioku-otu,Uwajima-shi



「Nanrakuen Garden」まで移動しました。
Nanrakuen Garden

Nanrakuen Garden


Business hours: 9:00-17:00
Holidays: New Year holidays

Access: 1813 Chikaie-ko, Tsushima-cho, Uwajima-shi


「[January-April] Strawberry Picking」まで移動しました。
Yamamoto Kanko Ichigoen

[January-April] Strawberry Picking

9:00 Yamamoto Kanko Ichigoen

Yamamoto Kanko Ichigoen is located right next to Nanrakuen Garden.
You can explore Nanrakuen and participate in strawberry picking as a set.
Contact: 0895-32-3344

Access: 1813 Chikaie,Tushima-cho,Uwajima-shi

Stone Oven Cooking」まで移動しました。
Ishigama Okoya

11:00 Ishigama Okoya

Cook all sorts of stove-oven dishes in a 100 year-old traditional Japanese house♪
Bread, pizza, roasted sweet potatoes, salt-crusted sea bream… just to name a few!
Contact: 090-5141-9264

Access: 1300-3 Makigawa,Tsushima-cho,Uwajima-shi


「Yamamoto Bokujo」まで移動しました。

Yamamoto Bokujo


Business hours: 8:30-18:00
Holidays: January, February, August, September, December, and weekdays in the months of May to July, October, and November

Access: 150 Makigawa, Tsushima-cho, Uwajima-shi

Hot spring

「Haraigawa Onsen」まで移動しました。
Haraigawa Onsen

Haraigawa Onsen


Business hours: 10:00-20:30
Holidays: 1st and 20th of every month and New Year holidays

Access: 203-1 Makigawa, Tsushima-cho, Uwajima-shi


Roadside Station Minato Oasis Uwajima Kisaiya Hiroba」まで移動しました。


Business hours: 9:00-18:00
Holidays: Open Daily

Access: 1-318-16 Benten-cho,Uwajima-shi


Uwajima City Commerce and Tourism Division 【TEL】0895-24-1111
Uwajima City Tourist Information Center【TEL】0895-22-3934